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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Jason Pytka:
I'm a longtime TMBG fan, first time contributor to your site. I was fortunate enough to attend the show at the Ridgefield Playhouse on Sunday. I was even more fortunate to obtain the set list from said show... Note that while it says Symphony Space, this was indeed the Ridgefield, CT show...I can only assume they recycled the set list.

Wake Up Call: CD version used as intro The Famous Polka: done without the lyrics at the end Where Do They Make Balloons?: Danny on vox Violin: audience directed to do the wave during song "Dr. Evil Vamp": to play Robin on and off stage Istanbul: Dan Miller solo as intro

Review by Andrew Holl:
This was a great show from the combined perspective of both TMBG fans and educators who just love kids. Three of us went to the show without kids of our own and loved how well J&J integrated the kids into the show. At several points they asked the kids to come down front to dance. During "Sun" they kept asking the kids to scream if they knew J&J were fibbing about something, and were even successful in fooling the kids a few times with real truths about the sun. They had the audience do a front-to-back-back-to-front wave during the bridge of "Violin" that culminated in an explosion of confetti all over the theatre that the kids loved. The best moment for me during the show was during "4 of 2". During the last time through the chorus I heard a young girl of maybe 4 years behind me sing a loud "two" that resonated after JL stopped singing. Also, the DFPT is simply hilarious, even for adults.

Review by Skye Sciolto:
It was a nice show, although those of us who were there ultra early got pissed because when we finally got in we were told non-museum-members could only sit in the last 5 rows of seats or the balcony. Tickets were general admission and I'm sure a lot of us would have joined the museum had we known. So there was a tall person with big hair in front of me, and she kept moving around. I talked to Kimya Dawson while I was waiting to get in; I was in costume and she was complimenting me on it (hey, it was near Halloween and was a very TMBG related costume—a grocery bag—on the front it was from No!, on the back it was for Dead). IF the photos of it come out I will send them. Ditto for the show and signing photos. Clap Your Hands: "Please stand for the TMBG National Anthem." Had fathers mumble and kids scream Fibber Island: Flans screwed up the lyrics and sang 'we eat chocolate by the pound' twice in a row Bed Bed Bed: with Kimya Dawson (messed up lyrics at least twice and at one point seemed not to know what to sing at all—seemed nervous) Deeply Felt Puppet Theatre: Flans kept going behind the 'stage' and I knew Goldie was back there; she wasn't introduced until In The Middle, was introduced as Mrs. Evil. This was funny, especially being narrated by Flans. Violin: with wave AND confetti cannons. Linnell said to a kid who picked up confetti to put it down because it was HIS confetti In the Middle: Goldie wearing same red puppet cape and two foam hands, saying they were her real hands Istanbul: blurb from Flans about why they respect Miller so much and call him sir, how he spends hours practicing so that he can be better than him, etc. Why Does The Sun Shine: had the kids be a lie detector—scream when they heard stuff that was not true in the song) Kids screamed when the stuff they were singing was indeed true, and Flans said 'we have some doubters', then later when kids screamed and stuff was true (a million earths could fit inside the sun) and Flans said it was true, Linnell argued. The nuclear reactions are between Skittles, Sweet Tarts, Mentos, Ford Trucks, Cadillac Escalades, and other stuff. I was there with my friend and my SO and we met up with some brand new fans who were really into it and had a blast. Both Johns and Kimya were signing for a long time.