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Fan Recaps and Comments:

The Brothers Chaps appeared at this concert and performed two songs with They Might Be Giants: Get By With A Little Help and Marshie. Interestingly, Marshie's name and Homestar's name were misspelled on the track listing: Marshie was spelled "Marshy" and Homestar was spelled "Homestarr." Also, "Ana Ng" was called "Ana Ang"

Dan Miller wrote:

Atlanta has always been a highlight for the band - we've done some of the biggest shows in the bands career on the shores of this Georgia Peach. For this one, Homestar Runner came down to do a bit of a cameo with himself and his friend Marshie. For those in the know, this is a very rare occurrence as Homestar has admitted to performing live only four times. For those really not in the know, check out to see who we're talking about.
I thought the show versions of his tunes did not come out with the justice they deserved. So, included with the regular show are bonus tracks of the soundcheck versions where you can hear all the words and nuance, and the band screwing up the form. Super funny and worth checking out - I'll post a bit of them as the sample.
This is an extra long show and possible the best sounding one of this swing. The band and crowd are having a Southern style BBQ of rock. Great sounding recording and with only a minimum of train wrecks. One of the more 'professional' sounding outings by the band.