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Fan Recaps and Comments:

  • Damn Good Times - "It has the word damn in it." - Linnell
  • "That's an IBM Selectric Electric Guitar for all you guitar types in the audience." - Flans
  • Meet James Ensor - "It's Not The Song You Think"
  • Why Does The Sun Shine? - "We want you to want the sun." "All things are gases; even corporate sponsorships." "A failed foreign policy, a failed domestic policy, and failed presidency." "Factual music."
  • The Alphabet Of Nations - "West Xylophone."
  • Interview - "Bring that fake ID for the child (to the Mohegan Sun)." - Flans
  • Bee Of The Bird Of The Moth - "Integrity Project with the Dust Brothers."
  • Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - With Miller Time lead-in.
  • James K. Polk - "James Knox Polk." "Dan Miller, explain using notes on the guitar!" [Solo] "Yes, I see." [Solo] "Aha, go on." - Linnell
  • Particle Man - "This is a song by Little Feat. It's a big hit for them . . . erm, no. It's not." - Linnell
  • Fingertips - "Garrison Keillor." Flans doing backwards talking during I Don't Understand You. "W-H-Y-Y-Y spells why, baby." (WHYY is another public radio station in Philadelphia, this show was broadcast by WXPN.)