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Fan Recaps and Comments:


Awesome show, which began with an introduction by John Hodgman (who I got to chat with for a tiny bit before the show). As The Deranged Millionaire, John made multiple references to just how rich and deranged he was, as he proposed the "rules" behind the night's show; either the band had to play to their full rocking capacity, or a poison he put in each band member's food would begin to take effect upon a lack of total rockingness. Of course, his poison didn't even stand a chance. The setlist was excellent, but seemed a tad rushed since the band had to be all set up for the next show, which was at 11:30pm. "Drink!" was introduced as the Joe's Pub anthem, which we all had to rise for (to which we had "no choice"), but we were given choice by Flansburgh in selecting whether we wanted to hold our left or right hand in the air for the song's duration. "She's An Angel" began with a techno-ish jam, and the techno drumbeat continued over the first two lines of the song (and was then abruptly shut off, which led to some audience laughter). Midway through the show, Flansburgh took a break to inform all of us that The Else was #2 on the iTunes Top Alternative Album Charts, the "only chart that matters." (It's at #1 right now, though!) All in all, it was an excellent night.