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Fan Recaps and Comments:


I've only been to one other LPR rent show, and it was pretty different - this show's crowd seemed a lot less pumped up, for one thing. Also the band was messing up a lot. Every time, Flansburgh shouted Celebration! At one point he explained that they'd come up with that earlier at the day at the kids' show, instead of 'This show is killing me inside.' He also said, about Earth Hour, that the lights had dimmed in his eyes instead. (You're supposed to turn out the lights for an hour, which wouldn't really work at a club.)
Flansburgh was pretty restrained all the way through. But to balance that out, Linnell was in a particularly goofy mood. I've never seen him be so jolly. He had some whole shtick about getting the rest of the band to keep playing when he switched to accordion, pretending that the audience wouldn't notice because we'd be distracted by the guitar. And he was going on about the three faces of eve and how he could work that into the act. Smiling at the audience a lot. Lots of jokes. It was nice! I saw him laughing during the venue songs narration, too. I thought at first the narration was going to be tiresome, but it was sort of fun. Linnell sang both the fake country song and the anaheim house of blues with great gusto.
So a good show for a fan of the band, maybe less so if it was somebody's first time.