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Izzy Palindrome Izzy:

Wow! what a cool show! It was my first adult show, and I'm only 12, so I was technically underaged. Luckily, my aunt knows the owner of LPR, so he let me in. They played two songs from their up incoming album Here Comes Science, and at one point Dan Miller, who I had seen smoking outside before the show, jumped up on a crate or something and was right in my face. Well, okay, not exactly my face, but he almost stepped on my hand... Anyway, Mixel Pixel was, and I'm not gonna lie, one of the weirdest and most random bands I've ever heard. Never the less, they were pretty good. (Their music videos kinda scare me, though.) I snagged a set list after the show, and a stupid music stand blocked my view of Flans for most of the show. I couldn't really see Linnell either 'cause these crazy people kept dancing and flailing around, conveniently blocking his head. Isn't that great? Both Johns were blocked by something and I couldn't see them! oh well, I guess that's what I get for attending an adult concert. Even with all this said, I loved the concert and can't wait to go to another! And fingertips was just great when it was played live!