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Flans sang The Famous Polka lyrics!

Brian Levine:

I was volunteering for the show, and put up some photos from both sets from all kinds of angles. Hope you enjoy! (More info on the first show's page...)


Very good show, all in all. I was hoping for more Here Comes Science. I went about a month not listening to most of the songs on that album, thinking I would hear them all live for the first time. No such luck. But I got a lot of footage, which I will post when my computer is done having a virus, or is replaced with a shiny new Mac/Hp Touch/Some less expensive thing. Anyway, time for the run through: Linnell introduced Flansy as "Johnny Flansburgh" and Flansy did the regular pre show banter. In Never Go to Work the word "trumpet" was swapped out with "saxphone" for obvious reasons. Clap Your Hands was a rousing experience, but I was too lazy to stand up until maybe halfway through. I could barely see anyway, because too many parents were there. But by lifting my camera I could later watch Flansy dance around everywhere. Danny gave a little intro for Paleontolgoist (apparently Marty makes fun of him about it) and Linnell forgot the dinosaurs. Except Pachycepholosaurus, of course. Because how could you forget that? Flansy claimed they were all pirates, nine, and girls, for Pirate Girls Nine. That wasn't too exciting, besides, though. Marty went to town on the Bed Bed Bed sound effects (even scratching his back with one of the props). Roy G. Biv was ok, I suppose, but that isn't really my favorite song... Ah, Alphabet Lost and Found was good, especially when Marty went up to everyone and danced around. Fibber Island...meh... then, of course, Zilch. That was fun, especially when They just kind of made loolooloo noises instead of actually going faster. The only problem was I had Linnell's part stuck in my head days later. Particle Man was fun, like always. Alphabet of Nations was great, especially because I zoomed in on Linnell and his face appeared to be convulsing. The Avatars rocked out on Shooting Star, but it was difficult to see because of the stage equipment. Yada yada, My Brother the Ape... Older! Yes! After the lucky kids in the front row strummed Flansy's guitar, they went into an awesome rendition of Older, which sounded perfect. I was able to identify it quickly (despite the introductory guitar flashiness) because we had been hanging around during the first show and heard some of it. Danny came back up for Balloons. Seven was fun because Linnell kept pointing at things and the audience did some mad crazy fist pumping. Graveyard was the usual, but calling Danny "the bass" was fun, and Danny was lapping it up more than usual. Marty was lavishly introduced, and Dan did a cool guitar thing (though for the duration of the show he appeared bored). I sung along to Doctor Worm (to my friend Isabella's annoyance) and Linnell replaced the quiet bit with a very low pitch. So that was ok, even though the quiet bit is my favorite part... I was sad when They walked off. A bunch of people left and I barely noticed when They came back on. But, They did. And Meet the Elements was fantastic. So was Istanbul. The confetti cannon was twice fired. I co-bought Gigantic and received a second, ill-fitting this time, foam finger. Like I said. Good show.