TMBG Unlimited - March

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TMBG Unlimited - March tmbg compilation cover
TMBG Unlimited - March
Collection by They Might Be Giants
First released February 28, 2001
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Tracks 8 Last tmbg compilation TMBG Unlimited - February
Label They Might Be Records Length 19:40 Next tmbg compilation TMBG Unlimited - The Flood Show

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Theme From Unlimited 1:37


2 Clowntown 2:51


3 Monsters Of Mud 3:16


4 Violin 2:26


5 Lazyhead And Sleepybones 3:28


6 Clap Your Hands 1:22


7 O, Do Not Forsake Me (Richard Reagan Version) 2:37


8 When It Rains It Snows (Live) 1:58  N/A

Official description[edit]

Theme From UnLimited
This track shows the profound influence of the McG* directed movie version of "Charlie's Angels" over the band. Former "Cannon" star William Conrad lays down some heavy flute on this fat, fat, "pimptastic" track.

Flansburgh's unflinching fake German aspect, along with the unwelcome idea of clown nudity uniquely qualifies this as an inappropriate song for kids. One of the first tracks for the children's album, this song was deemed "too creepy" (by everyone) to be for kids, but not too creepy for you, the Unlimited listener.

Monsters Of Mud
Another bonus track only available here. Linnell's voice is processed through his new digital trash compactor. Look forward to more distorted and disturbing electronic sounds as we delve deeper into the uncharted territory of unnatural processing.

With Garo Yellin and Krystof Witek on strings, this is one of the most winding journeys from the "No!" album. The Chopping Block is preparing a enhanced CD version of the album that includes their vivid computer animation of this song and others.

Lazy Head & Sleepy Bones
Inspired by the relaxed grooves of The Band, we lay all the way back on the couch to capture this '70's folk-rock vibe. Dan Miller had his eyes almost completely closed as he delivered some highly mellow slide guitar, while Dan Hickey created a thick drum and percussion bed in which to crash.

Clap Your Hands
Yet another groove we thought reserved for adults is turned into a track destined to be a fav with the under 5 set. Little kids go mental when they hear this one.

O Do Not Forsake Me (Richard Reagan version)
The original songwriting demo, which was also featured on Dial-A-Song, this track's vocal is by an unknown President of an unrecognized country.

When It Rains It Snows
This track was recorded in the institutional, tiled hallway of WFMU for the Frank O'Toole show in the late 80's.