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TRULINCS (Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System) is a limited communication system used by the US Federal Bureau of Prisons and operated by the private company Advanced Technologies Group. TRULINCS is perhaps best known as the email service that paying inmates use to send and receive correspondences. Non-incarcerated people can send messages to inmates via a public-facing website, Corrlinks. Inmates pay for services on TRULINCS by purchasing credits called TRU-Units (20 credits cost US$1).

Among a handful of other services like printing postage labels required for letters, there's also a music store. The songs available on TRULINCS range in price from 16 to 31 TRU-Units (0.80-$1.55). Songs may only be purchased individually; there is no discount for full album purchases. Tracks can be played on a special MP3 player with limited functionality, which can be purchased from the prison commissary for around $99.[1]

Some music by They Might Be Giants is available in the TRULINCS catalog. There is no pre-Flood material available, and the selection is generally sparse otherwise, with only six complete (or nearly complete) rock albums.

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Due to the unavailability of the TRULINCS service to the general public, this list may be somewhat out of date or incomplete.

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