You Are Old, Father William

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song name You Are Old, Father William
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Almost Alice, Podcast 43
year 2010
run time 2:33
sung by John Flansburgh


Like half the people in the world and probably everyone on this album, I grew up deeply involved with the story of Alice in Wonderland, and we [were] always intrigued by the poem Alice recited to the caterpillar. 'You Are Old, Father William' was a brilliant introduction to the world of fantasy and absurdism. When we were approached about the album it was an obvious choice to turn that verse into a song. The only alteration we did was repeat the line 'You are old!' which seemed in keeping with the spirit of the story.[1]

Song Themes

Age, Animals, Body Parts, Colors, Hair, Heads, Medical, Money, Poetry, Questions, Relatives, TMBG Remakes, Violence


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