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Different version pages[edit]

I'm not sure if this has been discussed already, but giving this song a different version because of an extra verse (chorus? bridge?) that's only sung at live shows doesn't really earn itself a different version page for me (It's also highly lacking in "links here"). The other song that comes to mind right away is Road Movie To Berlin. We don't have a "live" version of that song. So should we make one or get rid of this? We can always add the bridge on the other lyrics page. Was there a specific reason this version was made? --badqueso 10:48, 3 Jun 2006 (CDT)

You forgot With The Dark (Live), Deletionist... --Luke 18:02, 25 March 2008 (UTC)
Sorry, I'd never heard that song on 3 Jun 2006. --badqueso 18:12, 25 March 2008 (UTC)

"Rock Show" version[edit]

The recorded version has nothing on the live "Rock Show" version. Even the way it was performed on Conan was tame. Maybe it's just the volume of a live show or picking up the vibe from up on the stage but listening to the recorded version after seeing it performed live makes me sad.

"ZIMBABWEEEEE!!!" fuck yeah! That's what I like! --EbolaSalad 22:04, 18 September 2006 (UTC)

Podcast 23A[edit]

Does anyone know what show the Podcast 23A recording is from? I just checked my collection of all the shows available for purchase at and didn't find it. --Kassi 23:41, 13 February 2007 (EST)

Conan performance[edit]

Does anyone know when the Conan show was? -J2

It was February 15, 2005. I think there's a video of it out there somewhere hovering on the internet-- or at least I know I saw it online someplace. John and John were all snazzed up in tuxes. ~ magbatz 20:36, 14 February 2007 (UTC) Check the Alphabet of nations video :-P --Luke 21:07, 14 February 2007 (UTC)