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Great song[edit]

Great song. Really the I do what I like theme. And I love that. The john's must off been in a cheeky mood when making this title. A nice one either way! :) Love it!


Is this version of the song the one played during the show's opening? It sounds like someone else singing it. — User:ACupOfCoffee@ 17:34, 29 Mar 2006 (CST)

Yeah, Flans does sing the theme. The reason he sounds different is because he's punk singing with three part harmonies in the same pitch, rather than his jazzy singing with doubletracked vocals in the regular version. It's true, though, that there was a different vocal on the first episode with weird reverb. Also, the mix on the keyboards is lower so it sounds more punky. The show version also has some synth choir.apfelbitsliam

Which Version Won the Grammy?[edit]

Was it the fully fleshed-out version on the Dial-A-Song compilation, or was it just the thirty second version we hear before each episode? -Cronny

Found the video[edit]

Anybody wanna do the honors?

Found it. --Sparkling_Omelets

Them Telling The Winners[edit]

Does anyone have a video of when they got announced as the winners?

Why are we calling this version "original edit"?[edit]

While I wasn't paying attention, this song was moved from Boss Of Me to Boss Of Me (Original Edit), so I added some explanatory notes to both (long) versions of the song to clarify their relationship. And while I can see why we might not want this less common version labeled as the "normal" version of the song, I'm not sure that I see why we're calling it "Original Edit" when it's the other version of the song that was originally the edit of this longer version. I know we can't call it "Original Version" because the short version on What We Did This Summer came before it, but what about something else? "Longer Version"? "Original Long Version" is unwieldy, but I'd even prefer "Longer Edit" over "Original Edit." What does everyone else think? ~Drew

Oh, Shoot, I never thought about that. I agree with you, but we call this version Original Edit because that's what it's called on the Boss Of Me (Single) EP or whatever it is. -User:Flansfan

~~TMBG Music~~[edit]

Is this the only TMBG song whose performance rights are not controlled in any part by TMBG Music? - Blegh (talk) 22:58, 20 April 2022 (EDT)