What We Did This Summer

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What We Did This Summer sampler cover
What We Did This Summer
Sampler by They Might Be Giants
First released 1999
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Tracks 5
Label TMBG Music Length 9:14

What We Did This Summer is a white-label promotional EP that collected some of the miscellaneous songs They Might Be Giants had finished in 1999.


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The tracks Older and (She Thinks She's) Edith Head on this EP were soon-after released on Long Tall Weekend. The demo of Cyclops Rock was released on TMBG Unlimited, and Dr. Evil was released on the Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me soundtrack, which it was written for. Different versions of She Thinks She's Edith Head, Older, and Cyclops Rock eventually made it to Mink Car. The version of Boss Of Me included was the original short version, as featured on Malcolm In The Middle. Dr. Evil was eventually re-released on the 2023 repressing of Long Tall Weekend.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Dr. Evil 1:50


2 Boss of Me 0:35


3 She Thinks She's Edith Head 2:32


4 Older 1:56


5 Cyclops Rock 2:20