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Does anyone else find her voice slightly annoying? I mean, I enjoy listening to her and everything, its just really sqeaky. ~fingertips

Yes. I do not like her voice. I don't really like her views or anything else about her. I do not like listening to her rantings. I think she did a good job on The Incredibles, though. --BlarJotunn

I suppose that if you were a conservitive you'd probably not like her rants all that much. i mean, she is a liberal pin up girl... well okay, maybe 'pin up girl' is too strong a statement... but i understand that..... she really does have the coolest friends ever tho... i read "Assassination Vacaction' a while ago, and happened to read the acknoledgements, she has, conan o'brien, ira glass, nick horby, as well as flansy. this is an unfair amount of really cool friends. i think so anyway... but she's cool too, so i guess it evens out. 07:48, 27 Sep 2005 (EDT)Bluething

are you kidding? I love her voice, it makes me smile. She's just great, tho! I mean, have you read anything by here? She's so... just great. One of my favorite writers. Bluething 20:54, 25 Sep 2005 (EDT)

My friend and I gave her the name "Pancake Face". Jokingly. staplefish

--Sadly reminiscent of "Elephant Man". BlarJotunn

well, i like reading her stuff more than listening to her, i have to admit, but i really do enjoy her ideals and rants quite a lot. i think she's hilarious. but... the voice sometimes gets on my nerves... i didn't know that was her on the Incredibles. learn something everyday, i guess. -Manda

I love Sarah's voice- it's incredibly unique, unmistakably her own. I've read all her books and make it a point to catch her whenever she's on Conan or the Daily Show. Sorry to sound like a rabid fanboy but damn, I thought she'd get more love around here! -Martorano

I'm with you on this one. Her voice is awesome! On an unrelated note, what is up with the hatred of dragging nails across chalkboards? I LOVE that sound! People are so judgmental. :( 00:52, 16 Mar 2006 (CST)

Anyone who hates Sarah's voice is just jealous of their not being even remotely as awesome as her, they're also communists. -Lars

I don't know any other work she's done besides Gigantic and The Incredibles, but she's very funny in the commentary for Gigantic. She had a lot of good things to say, and it was quite entertaining to hear her talk about Chuck Berry being the Thomas Paine (sp?) of rock n' roll with John Flansburgh. :) --Lemita 02:59, 23 February 2008 (UTC)