The Spine Hits The Road

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The Spine Hits The Road live album cover
The Spine Hits The Road
Live album by They Might Be Giants
First released August 31, 2004
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Tracks 11
Label Idlewild (iTunes exclusive) Length 36:02

The Spine Hits The Road is a live album released by They Might Be Giants in August of 2004, available only through iTunes. The songs were recorded during the Spine On The Highway Tour, which was a 2004 tour to promote The Spine.

The tracks were taken directly from the full-length downloadable live shows available on, with minimal preparation, so transitions between them are sudden and jarring.


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Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Experimental Film
Washington, DC; 2004-07-24
3:05  N/A
2 Bastard Wants To Hit Me
Dallas, TX; 2004-07-18
2:27  N/A
3 Damn Good Times
Columbia, MO; 2004-07-13
2:38  N/A
4 John Lee Supertaster
San Francisco, CA; 2004-08-14, also featured on Almanac
3:08  N/A
5 I Palindrome I
Brooklyn, NY; 2004-07-30, also featured on Almanac
2:27  N/A
6 Robot Parade
Brooklyn, NY; 2004-07-30
3:07  N/A
7 It's Kickin' In
St. Louis, MO; 2004-07-14
1:58  N/A
8 Violin
Austin, TX; 2004-07-16
6:41  N/A
9 Stalk Of Wheat
Dallas, TX; 2004-07-17
1:37  N/A
10 Fingertips
San Francisco, CA; 2004-08-14
5:26  N/A
11 The End Of The Tour
Pittsburgh, PA; 2004-07-25
3:28  N/A