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A toy piano is a keyboard instrument resembling a piano, originally marketed as a "toy" version of a piano for children. The distinctive sound of a toy piano comes from its tuned metal bars, which are struck by hammers—conventional pianos use strings, not bars. As a result, the toy piano usually produces a rather tinny timbre.

They Might Be Giants and, in solo work, John Linnell, have utilized the sound of a toy piano on a few occasions. This may have been through sampling, sound synthesis, or the use of an actual toy piano or similar instrument.

Songs featuring toy piano[edit]

They Might Be Giants songs[edit]

Children's songs[edit]

The toy piano is appropriate for children's music due to its association with juvenalia. It first appeared on Here Come The 123s and was later also used for Here Comes Science. The following songs use toy piano sounds:

John Linnell songs[edit]

Linnell's House Of Mayors uses toy piano sounds on the following tracks:

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