Triborough Bridge

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song name Triborough Bridge
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Unreleased
year 1997
first played September 5, 1997 (20 known performances)
run time 0:25
sung by Note.svg Instrumental


  • Performed frequently in late 1997 to introduce the band during their Severe Tire Damage '97-'98 tour, it was originally considered for inclusion on the live album according to a September 1997 newsletter[1], but the instrumental would not be chosen for release.
  • A studio version of this song was recorded at the band's first sessions at Coyote Studios in 1999 alongside "Rest Awhile"[2], which were the last studio recordings featuring bassist Graham Maby[3]. It appears in the Malcolm in the Middle episode "Water Park"[4].
  • The version performed live is usually around three minutes whereas the studio recording is 25 seconds. It is unknown whether or not a full recording was edited down for appearance in Malcolm In The Middle or if the band had composed a shorter incidental version instead.
  • This song is frequently abbreviated as "Triboro" on setlists.

Song Themes

Geography, Intros


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