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About Me[edit]

My real name is Anna Nickel but this name is more fitting for a TMBG fansite. I have been listening since late spring, 2005--since I was 12 (I'm 14 now). I now have all of their studio albums, a fact which I am very proud of. (Yes, even Long Tall Weekend.)

Around the Intarnets, I'm also known as Shippinator Mandy, Manderz, Ondine, Dead End Queen, Withered Hope, and Flaming Wreck, among others.

I also admit to having a HUGE (giant, even...oh GOD that was a horrible pun, I'm so sorry) crush on John Linnell.


  • Email:
  • AIM: IllNeedACrane
  • YIM: shippinator_mandy
  • MSN:
  • Google Talk: Ive.Got.A.Match


Seeya! <3

<a href="">omgmandy.gif</a>