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This user is 27 years old.

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Albany, NY.

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Hey. I'm Ryan. I used to frequent the They Might Be Giants Musings Board at Been a fan since the Tiny Toons Adventures appearance, which I saw at age 9. YIKES!

I've been to 13 TMBG shows. The best was at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, 2008. A casino, of all places. They knocked that show out of the park, with the help of a 3 piece horn section.

Quite honestly, the band changed my life. They helped me be comfortable with the nerd within. I got to be good friends with one of my best buddies in high school through TMBG. His favorite band was Hootie & The Blowfish (seriously). I turned him onto TMBG and he changed his mind. I met countless people through the Musings Board. Some of those friendships continue 10 years later. And of course, I met my girlfriend because I wearing a TMBG shirt on my first day of college. We're to be married in September, 2008.

So, yeah... important band.