Words Are Like

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song name Words Are Like
artist They Might Be Giants
releases TMBG Unlimited - September, Dial-A-Song, DialASong.com (2000-2006), tmbg.com Free Tunes, They Got Lost (as "Words Are Like (Demo)"), TMBG Clock Radio (as "Words Are Like (Demo)"), Podcast 5B, Idlewild, Modern
year 2001
run time 1:38
sung by John Flansburgh and Robin Goldwasser


  • From the TMBG Unlimited description: "Ida and Estil Crummer from the hyper-active North Carolina indie scene have put aside the feedback and impenetrable attitude of their infamous noise band Crummer Party to get back to their Americana roots. This track was rejected by their self-run label, Flexcrumm Records but is available here."
  • Features vocals and drums by Robin Goldwasser.
  • Listed as "Words Are Like (demo)" on They Got Lost, TMBG Clock Radio and the TMBG App, though only one version of the song has been released.
  • From tmbg.com: "My second favorite track on the disc. The lyrics are a total dreamscape. That's Robin 'Goldie' Goldwasser doing a top-quality 'Levon-Helms-asleep-at-the-drums' imitation and on harmony vocal. This was our little Americana-tribute for the 'Battle of the Bands' project we cooked up for TMBG Unlimited last year. Again-drums and no bass."
  • In 2010, the band uploaded a slideshow video for this song to their YouTube account.

Song Themes

Animals, Battle Of The Bands, Cities, Clothes, Dreams, Drinks, Jail And Imprisonment, Music, Non-John Vocals, Spanish, Sports, The Senses, Transportation


  • Watch it on Youtube.png (official slideshow video)

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