Chronology:Lullaby To Nightmares

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Song name Run time Releases Year Differences from other versions
Lullaby To Nightmares (Dial-A-Song) 1:01

Dial-A-Song 1994 Shorter, with only an acoustic guitar and Flans
Lullaby To Nightmares 1:52

Hello The Band (EP) 1993 Acoustic-y with congas, some guitars and vocals by Joshua Fried.
Lullabye To Nightmares (Extended) 2:55

Podcast 27A 1993 Features a slightly longer opening and a coda after the album version normally ends.
Lullabye To Nightmares 2:28

Long Tall Weekend 1999 Larger production with accordion, drums, horns, and a vocal by Flansburgh with harmonizing "ba ba ba"s by Linnell.