Disappointing Show

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Music video for "Disappointing Show"

song name Disappointing Show
artist They Might Be Giants
releases TMBG Unlimited - October, They Got Lost, Podcast 6C, Podcast 46
year 2001
first played September 1, 2001 (1 known performance)
run time 2:31
sung by John Flansburgh


  • Part of the Battle Of The Bands project, TMBG assumes the persona of the fictitious band, The Disappointers.
  • From tmbg.com, "This is from a live show at Columbia University in NYC. We had a new stage tech (for one day) who neglected to plug anything in before we walked on stage- leading to perhaps the most humbling show start of our humbling careers. Things went downhill from there with power failures and electronic disasters. This spontaneously written song captures the magic of the disappointment!"
  • This song has a very audible skip at 1:37 into it (1:47 in the Unlimited version), present in all releases of the song.
  • At the end of this song, you can hear TMBG going into "Spider."
  • The song is reminiscent of Jack Hitt's story in Act One of This American Life's 1997 episode Fiasco!
  • Nearly twelve years later (2013), the band released a music video for the song, credited to "They Might Be Giatns" — a disappointing typo. It included a brief intro with Homestar Runner. A new version was uploaded soon afterwards, removing the intro and correcting the typo. The video ends with a bus tour of Hearst Castle, featuring a cameo of the orange plastic telephone that has occasionally recurred in some of TMBG's YouTube videos.

Song Themes

Battle Of The Bands, Drums, People (Real), Questions, Swear Words, Titles And Honorifics


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