Narrow Your Eyes

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song name Narrow Your Eyes
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Apollo 18, Flood + Apollo 18
year 1992
first played February 1, 1992 (53 known performances)
run time 2:46
sung by John Flansburgh, John Linnell provides some harmonies


It's a very complete, crafted song. We've done lots of short songs that are interesting blasts of sound, but as you go on you kind of up the ante on the craft part. That's a lot of the reason why a lot of people's early work is more direct. As they go along they get more baroque.
  • Used on The Late Show with David Letterman on April 22, 2009 as a theme for the "Dick, are you alright?" segment.

Song Themes

Body Parts, Colors, Drinking, Everything, Eyes, Forgetting And Remembering, Funny But Sad, Furniture, Lies And Deception, Love Gone Sour, Mind Control, Hypnotism, Sadness, Temperature


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