Phone Power

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Phone Power album cover
Phone Power
Studio album by They Might Be Giants
First released March 8, 2016
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Tracks 18 Last album Why?
Label Idlewild Recordings Length 45:05 Next album I Like Fun

Phone Power is TMBG's 19th studio album and the last of three albums compiling songs from the 2015 iteration of Dial-A-Song.


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Dial-A-Song's 2015 revival was announced in late 2014 via the 2015 They Might Be Giants Instant Fan Club description, which mentioned that there would be 52 new recordings released throughout the year and three CDs containing them.

These were described as "the new TMBG album on CD featuring many new Dial-A-Song recordings" (which became Glean), "the new album for kids" (which became Why?), and "the compilation album that compiles all the later 2015 Dial-A-Songs including all the freaky last minute songs written in a panic in December!", which became Phone Power.[1]

Phone Power was released digitally on March 8, 2016 (and one day earlier for Instant Fan Club members), and was initially distributed under a pay-what-you-want model. Its cover art is by Paul Sahre.

The album contains many remaining tracks of the 52 from the 2015 iteration of Dial-A-Song, though some were instead held over for the 2018 release My Murdered Remains, specifically: "No Cops," "I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar," "Starry Eyes," "The Velvet Ape," "The Summer Breeze," "Rock Club," "Another Weirdo" and "Prepare." The song "College Town" from 2015 has not been compiled on any release.

A few tracks on Phone Power were either not studio recordings or not from the 52 tracks in Dial-A-Song's 2015 iteration: "Bills, Bills, Bills" was recorded live at The A.V. Club's office, "Got Getting Up So Down" was a Dunkin' Donuts advertisement recorded in 2006, and "I Wasn't Listening" was an anthem for Dial-A-Song released as a bonus track just before the 2015 round of Dial-A-Song began.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Apophenia 2:33


2 I Love You For Psychological Reasons 3:01


3 To A Forest 2:10


4 I Am Alone 2:29


5 Say Nice Things About Detroit 2:42


6 Trouble Awful Devil Evil 3:34




8 Daylight 1:56


9 Sold My Mind To The Kremlin 2:05


10 It Said Something 3:17


11 Impossibly New 2:09


12 I'll Be Haunting You 2:48


13 Got Getting Up So Down 1:42


14 What Did I Do To You? 1:29


15 Shape Shifter 3:11


16 Bills, Bills, Bills 3:14


17 Black Ops Alt 2:31


18 I Wasn't Listening 1:31


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