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This concert was made into an internet webcast.

All banter transcribed by Zondry:

Drinkin', Spider, James K. Polk (w/confetti)

L: How's it going? Thanks for coming to the show. Nice to see you. We're They Might Be Giants. Welcome.

F: You know, we can't "say" we actually feel comfortable in Los Angeles because we don't, but the one thing that has in common with New York City is that everybody looks more like they're in a band than us. And that makes us feel really wonderful inside. So welcome to the show. Here's a brand-new song off our brand new mp3 release, Long Tall Weekend, the song is called "She Thinks She's Edith Head".

She Thinks She's Edith Head, Mr. Klaw, Older, Twisting, Radio They Might Be Giants on

F: You know, we've been bogged down with email addresses in the past couple of months. So we just sorta moved on to just doing jingles in the show. But seriously, folks, we're tired of sending your parents letters, junk mail from addresses that you gave us six years ago that were that forwarded from your college very carefully, buy your parents, they still love you, and wish you would call. That's just a little tip, somebody a little bit older. But back on the nonsense gibberish, we actually aren't-, we have a request for emails from It's sorta like "Where's Waldo?". See if you can find where to put your email address on our website. It'll take you like 25 minutes but we really need you to do it because were going crazy, bros sending out junk mail to people. We never get it. So we'll tell you 3 songs over the thing and that's right! NOW how much wouldn't you pay? So you bought the computer, you deserve something. But anyway, back to The Other Thing which we'll just reprise the jingle in case you missed it if you weren't listening or if you're at the bar. Here we go.

Radio They Might Be Giants on

L: You know, tonight, we played it right both times. I think were gonna give ourselves a pat on the back.

F: I don't wanna talk about that big a show, John. I got lots of bad memories. I'm down $4000 and now you're talking about it. So here's a brand-new song you can't get it except our shows, and this is called "Cyclops Rock".

Cyclops Rock

F: True story

L: One eyeball. One eyeball, two johns, two dans. You know the show is going so well right now. But I think we'll just stop and call it a night. I've seen this movie, man.

F: Ladies and gentlemen, on the bass, Mr. Graham Maby is featured on this next number. Also known as, parts of the world the south is growing, "Gruh-ham ha-muh-bee".

L: That's right. Graham is modestly staying back before the vocal

F: I gotta ask the spotlight guy. I don't even play on the first 60 seconds of the song so tip it over to him.

L: I gotta say, I was in the hamburger, what was it, "Hamburger Hamlette"? Is that what it's called?

F: Yeah

L: And all I could hear was the bass on that was playing, and it was Graham.

F: Indentifiable.

L: It's not a very interesting story but it's a true one, this song is from our Factory Showroom CD, and it's called

"Spiraling Shape", and it features "Graham Maby". Here we go...

Spiraling Shape

F: Gruh-ham

She's Actual Size (in the middle, Flansy says "Dan Hickey" before Hickey plays a drum solo)

F (introducing the band, crew, and the audience): John, John, Dan, Graham, Dan, Harrison, Dan, John, The Audience, John.

F: You know, Dan Hickey has done this drum solo many times in that song and I tried to figure out exactly what the national bar of the drum solo is being my best in the show for many years, now. And I realize that everything bad that I just left your musical expression of a drum solo that she did. It would be in that, it's like the best part of the drums like none of the bad stuff. But hey, considerable. But anyway, back to the music.

L: We have some new songs that are not even on the mp3 album. They're not available format except with chorus, and bootlegs for all authorities as we watch people lipsync. The song has never been released. Damn you!! Here's a new song, it's called "It's So Loud In Here".

Man, It's So Loud In Here, Letterbox

L: Thanks a lot. So we've got a bunch of these chestnuts we haven't played in a long time. We forced ourselves to do the songs that we did a little work. We learned some songs we haven't played over and over again. Here's one of those songs...

Narrow Your Eyes, Ana Ng, The Guitar

L: This is called "Till My Head Falls Off".

Till My Head Falls Off

F (singing): Shawn, shawn, bring out the glockenspiel! I hate this rock music! I need the glockenspiel! Shawn started tatooing his wife then stopped halfway. Dan Hickey, the best part of the man-dread bells, stepping off the drums riser to show his first ability, to play the glockenspiel!

Shoehorn With Teeth

F: Mr. Dan Hickey! Mr. Dan Hickey! Back to your workstation, Dan. Shawn! Take this horrible thing away! John Goodman, our glockenspiel tech!

Particle Man (breakdown in bridge: "Here You Come Again"), The Famous Polka, New York City

F: Ladies and gentlemen, this next song is off of our new "Live" album coming out on eMusic in 2002. We want you to want "The Sun"!

Why Does The Sun Shine?, She's An Angel

F: We just have one more song. I have to make a bunch of announcements. We're playing here tomorrow night, ladies and gentlemen. We're doing different songs, and we will be performing "Dr. Evil", the opening theme of Austin Powers, with Ms. Robin Goldwasser, on the lead vocals. Different songs, Dr. Evil, and we won't play "Born To Run". We wanna thank You Were Spiraling for coming to the show, we wanna thank each of one of you for coming to the show.

L: Here's a song that's on our "Live" album, and it's called "Doctor Worm".

Doctor Worm



(John and John break out the ventriloquist dummy heads)

F (ventroliquist voice): Thank you! Thank you!

L (ventroliquist voice): Alright!

F: Hi! My name is Skunk!

L: And I'm the Morning Maniac!

F: Well, John and John are changing their costume, we got a song we like to sing for you, guys. But first, we got a question for you: Are you psyched?

The Auidence: (screams)

F/L: Alright!

F: Alright! This is a brand-new song, and it's called "Counterfeit Faker".

Counterfeit Faker

F: Dan Hickey on the drums! Dan Miller on the electric guitar! Graham Maby on the electric bass! Everybody in the "Electric Audience"!

L: And of course, me and John here in the big ego ride of ours. Here's a song if I stop if I said this before you can't stop if I said this before. You can't stop me. This is song that we play so often.

F: Stop!

L: You can't stop me! We play this song so often, that--

F: Shut up!

L: --our brain-stems know how to play it. So you could cut off our heads and we'll still be able to play this song. Thank you guys for coming to the show! We gotta go, you guys were great.

Birdhouse In Your Soul

L: Thanks a lot!

(encore 2)

L: I wish there were some other words besides "Thanks a lot!" but those are the most appropriate for the circumstances that we find ourselves.

F: Hey, we wanna thank all our sponsor eMusic for sponsoring our tour and putting on Long Tall Weekend. We wanna thank eMusic especially: for doing this entire tour. Here's a song that is featured on Long Tall Weekend, and it's called "Maybe I Know".

Maybe I Know

F: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, on the acoustic guitar, Dan on the fingers that never leave in his hands, Mr. Dan Miller.

Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

(end of show)