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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Chad Hobbs:
This was at least my 5th TMBG show if not my 6th. All the other times were at Bogarts near the University of Cincinnati. The Electra however is downtown in historic renovated Over The Rhine. I think Bogarts is in a much safer and accessible location. I also believe the size of the crowd at the Electra reflected that. Sure it was a Tuesday night... But Bogarts would have been packed. (Misfits & GWAR also played at Bogarts on 10/12 - maybe that's where everyone was.) The Johns and Band Esp. Dan Miller put on a pretty rocking show. They opened with the super long intro to Istanbul starting with just Dan on an acoustic guitar in a spotlight... Eventually the Johns and every show up and start Istanbul... James K. Polk was the second song and got the crowd moving a little. I don't really remember the set list... But I remember a few songs. I think She Thinks She's Edith Head may have been 3rd, which was pretty cool to hear live. Somewhere early in the show was a CRAZY version of Mr. Klaw, the Johns and the whole band seemed really loose and having fun. They Played Twisting, Letterbox, Birdhouse, Particle Man was the first encore. Ana Ng was the final encore, they also played Spy which kicked ass, Don't Lets Start, New York City, Older (of course), Dr. Worm might have been the second encore, Flans gave a big speech before Narrow Your Eyes, he told us it was in part about a girl he dated once who wanted to introduce him to her parents on the 1st date (maybe the 2nd), the line "I don't want to shake your fathers hand..." They played Turn Around off Apollo 18, as well as The Guitar, they might have played She's Actual Size. (or did I dream it) Anyhow they played more Apollo 18 than I've ever heard in a TMBG show. The show last night at the Electra was good but there were too many slower songs in my opinion. Too many "love" songs and songs about women and relationships. Although I really like New York City, and love Twisting. They played Maybe I Know off Long Tall Weekend. Man that song is sad. What a bummer for a live show. But overall the show was excellent. I had fun. Well worth the $16.

Review by "TheSpoonyBard": The previous reviewer said "the Johns and the whole band seemed really loose and having fun". I'm just here to emphasize this. I have attended about 20-25 shows over the years and I've never seen John Linnell "dance" half as much as he did at this show. He was all smiles and jumping up and down. Flans kept taking the mike and hiding behind speaker cabinets and being an overall goofball as usual. The bar and stage were kind of small and it made the atmosphere seem a bit more intimate which may have contributed to their laid back demeanor. AWESOME SHOW!