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Fan Recaps and Comments:


Clap Your Hands - John F. asked us to stand for TMBG's national anthem.
Bed Bed Bed - Performed by Kimya Dawson.
Where Do They Make Balloons - Performed by Danny Weinkauf. Danny and Dan Miller also switched guitars for this song.
Idlewild - The horn parts were replaced by the guitars and accordion.
"Deeply Felt Puppet Theater" - From Robin Goldwasser comes a puppet show which consisted of three puppets; the two "founders" are the monkey and bird who are named Jebadiah Deeply and Gloria Felt, respectively. They were joined by the new member of the group on guitar, Pearly Poodle. The trio performed three songs; they did Robot Parade accompanied only by Pearly on guitar, Bob Lind's "I Love To Sing" which has been used to play TMBG onto the stage before and "Hey Hey, I'm a Monkey" which was sung by Jebadiah the Monkey while being backed up by TMBG. Robin was the voice of the bird; I'm not sure about the other two.
Boss of Me - Full version, but They ended it just before the guitar solo.
In the Middle - Robin came out wearing a small red cape and used one of the big foam TMBG hands during the song.
Violin - The audience did the wave.