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Review by cam_rock:
The monkey puppet introduced Hey Hey We're the Monkees as his personal theme song, lyrics changed to, "Hey, hey, I'm a monkey."

Meet James Ensor
JF: We found the weapons of mass destruction, they're inside the bellows of Mr. John Linnell's accordion! Now, I don't wanna get too political on y'all...but what the fuck? You know what I mean. Honestly...WHAT?

Introduced Dan Miller, DM strums an A minor chord...
JF: Don't just play the A minor.
DM looks at him blankly
JF: I'm not starting the song til something happens!
DM plays
JF: Now you! (Danny Weinfauf)
proceeded to go around the band

The Guitar
JL: Agent Flansburgh, we're gonna do the original beginning. You know, the BUM BUM.
JF: I'm sorry, my guitar's all fucked up, what?

Clap Your Hands
JF walks off stage, does a little dance with Robin over in the lounge area, then makes his way back over to the stage.

All in all, a good show. The lights at the Sky Church are amazing, the entire back wall was one big video screen. She's An Angel was all clouds, Why Does the Sun Shine was all fire, you get the idea. Flans seemed to be having mega problems with his guitar, lots of buzzing and pops. It got to the point where he had broken two strings, he ripped his pedals off the stage, tossed them behind his amp, and just plugged straight in. He seemed pretty frustrated. To top it off, he broke 2 or 3 strings throughout the show.