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First a word about kids shows: they're for kids. This is one of those things that are so obvious that I think a lot of people forget. The audience was full of shorties and I brought two of them. I've been to a couple of shows for kids by kid entertainers who just don't seem to get it. I don't want to slag talented and/or popular kid-centric performers (like Laurie Berkner), but here's a quick compare-and-contrast: TMBG had balloons, confetti cannons, puppets, low-level-but-easy-to-follow audience participation (clapping, performing lie detector duties, etc.), and free giant bright yellow styrofoam hands. My kids (age 2 & 4) had a blast and so did just about all the under 12 set around us. Totally different from other shows where the performers just get up and sing and kids--even if they know the words--get bored. TMBG: lots of happy kids making lots of happy noise. Other Shows: lots of bored kids making lots of unhappy noise.
Which also means if you're going to go to a show and you're not a kid, you're not the target demographic. This could lead to a long rant about non-kids enjoying kid shows, but I know it will just get deleted.
I'll just finish by saying that my wife, my kids and I had a great time. Highlights were "Fibber Island", "Alphabet Lost And Found", "Particle Man", "Why Does The Sun Shine?", and "Istanbul". Kudos go to Robin "Goldie" Goldwasser's cameo with Princess Leia hair. It was great to hear some of the under-performed No and Alphabet songs.
Riverspace was better than you would think from the outside. Its definitely an old school theater, but the acoustics were good and it was small enough that there wasn't a bad seat in the house (important for keeping kids attention). Lots of good bars & resturants around too; but they definitely need to do something about the lack of parking.