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Fan Recaps and Comments:


In "Why Does the Sun Shine?" Linnell couldn't remember the gases that caused nuclear reactions. Does anyone know the chemical symbols for Shamrockium, Lepreconium, and Lucky Shenanigans? Honestly, you could see him trying to think of them as he sang. Also, in said song, the Johns switched between "Scottish, British, Irish, and eventually Pirate" accents, none of which went over well. There were only about 4 audienceers (is that a word?) who weren't adults or 5 years old. The broom was going to go to perform at the "Fishbowl" after this show. I'll have to get his album... Flansy marked the show as the cildren's "first nightclub experience". Disproportionately sized bright yellow foam fingers were handed out! Yes! (antics ensue!)
Linnell referred to himself as the band liar, so Flansy explained "Four of Two" to the audience. They also said if they won the Grammy they would be hyped up and could make inferior music. wahooo... (but it's ok, Here Comes Science is fine! :D)

Izzy Palindrome Izzy:

This was the first show for me, and it was a bit weird being the only one there (,besides my friend and my brother,) who was not under 7 years old or a parent... It rocked anyway!
And yes, throughout the entire show, Linnell was spazing and lied. a lot. In fact, he walked on to stage with a cup of coffee. and Flansy said that the way we were all sitting down throughout the show was like a "big campfire." I love the foam fingers and occasionally whack my brothers with them. My Flood T-shirt is definitely one of my favorite things to wear, but the people at school just don't get it, and my dad thought it said "Loodf" because he read it from the top. oh well! awesome show guys!