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Fan Recaps and Comments:

From the opening notes of Sleepwalkers, a great little song from No! not generally played in their "adult" setlists, you could tell this would be an amazing show. Ana Ng followed, then We Live In A Dump- who knew they would include The Else's bonus disc in the "every album" show? Once they blasted into the intro riff from See The Constellation- complete with Ramones count-in sample- that was it. This setlist was unbelievable!!!

The horns only made two brief appearances in the show, but the rest of the night was completely unpredictable. From the rarely-played Pet Name, to one of my personal favorites, The End Of The Tour, to the dueling clarinets of Cowtown, it became clear they weren't just sticking with the obvious selections from each album. This was made even more clear by the omissions of Birdhouse In Your Soul and Doctor Worm, two songs you can pretty much count on hearing at every show but not really missed for the time being. And I am convinced that they played Lucky Ball & Chain especially for me, as I posted on this very site about my misery at having missed it last time. I'm probably wrong, but I'll stick with my theory.

So, yeah. I absolutely have to go to the February show now. --Oddjob 22:04, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

Can't believe I never added my comments to this great show. We came all the way from San Diego to see TMBG in their original habitat. A fine show, for sure.

My lovely concert companion looked GREAT in the big wing chair by the restrooms, an added bonus was to get that picture. --SLICK