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Fan Recaps and Comments:

This surprise John Henry night featured the return of "Snail Shell", which had not been performed since 2011 and "Out Of Jail", which had not been performed since 1995.


My first TMBG concert. This was by far the best (and also LOUDEST) concert I've ever seen. When they played Man It's So Loud In Here at the beginning of the second set, it was transcendent. I loved talking to the other people in the audience. The friend I had brought along had barely listened to TMBG before, but they agreed it was the best concert they've been to. Their favorite was Spy. At one point JF had the audience put our hands up and scowl at him so he could take a video. People started laughing and then booing the first time so he had us do it again.

Its-a Mi-a:

This was a really delightful one! Got to bring along my partner (a verrry casual TMBG fan, who got extremely excited when they finally played Dr. Worm), and we had a blast! Out of Jail is one of my favorite deep cuts, so seeing it played for the first time in almost 30 years was honestly insane. Their live version of Spy was fantastic, and End of the Tour was a religious experience tbh. Good crowd, great energy, fun setlist. This seems to be one of their best tours in recent years so far, excited to see what happens next!