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Fan Recaps and Comments:

This was a surprise Apollo 18 themed show.


After She's Actual Size, there was a partial power outage that knocked out Linnell's keyboard and Flans' guitar pedals. The crew weren't able to immediately resolve it, so Linnell played accordion on The Statue Got Me High while Flans merely sang backup while simultaneously working with the crew to investigate the issue. They did the set break after this song and during the intermission, the crew got everything working again. I didn't see a setlist, but I'm wondering how all of this impacted the original planned set. Either way, it was a great show. Lots of funny banter, some surprise deep cuts, and a brand new song (seems rare for TMBG to debut unreleased material in the live show). Only gripe I have is that Marty's kick drum seemed WAY too loud in the mix; hoping they turn that down slightly for the second show!