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I'm Kevin Frushour, a fan of TMBG since 1990. I was 15 and walking one Sunday morning with my older sister and her boyfriend. They were singing some song about a "triangle man" and a "particle man" they had just picked up. I asked them what they were singing and they told me. They made me a mix tape with songs from They Might Be Giants, Lincoln, and Flood.

I've continued to follow them over the years. While I follow each major album I don't usually keep up with Dial-A-Song and EPs, only whenever I think of it. Hence there's always a "new" song by them I haven't heard yet.

Of course I've been a member of The Audience. My sister has seen TMBG more often than I have and has even met the Johns. They talked about coffee and Flans said "I've got a real bean in my back".

I've seen TMBG several times - though not as often as some other editors here. At the 2015 concert, Flans himself gave me a stack of Dial-a-song stickers!

Why "Pittsburghmuggle"? Meh. I was a huge Harry Potter fan back in the day and kept using it as a handle.

(Pssst! I haven't made 813 edits yet but I have the userbox on my page because I created it. :) )

Talking... about meeeeeeee...[edit]

I was born in Toledo, Ohio; 1974. Moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when I was 12 years old. As you can see by my age box on the right, I'm one of the few editors on this site over the age of 50. How did this happen - a 15 year old fan turning into an old fogey? Well, see time is flying like an arrow, and the clock hands go so fast they make the wind blow, and it makes the pages of the calendar go flying out the window, one by one...

I've been a member of Mensa on and off since the age of ten. I've served as local Gifted Youth Coordinator. TMBG is pretty popular among Mensa members, what with their quirky songs and lyrics. I'm pretty sure if you've stuck with TMBG your IQ is easily in the top 25%.

I was married 1999-2017, we have three wonderful kids who listened to all the kids albums. I'm remarried now.

My favorite animal is the humble aardvark.

Yes, I like coffee. One Sweet & Low, lots of non-dairy creamer. I'm not usually big on flavors preferring "coffee" flavor, but hazelnut's nice.

I'm also a fan of Weird Al and Moxy Fruvous. I love novelty hits. There's no genre I dislike so completely that I feel it is without merit, despite the hard time I give country music.


My favorite album is The Else. I feel it is their strongest when you add all the songs together.

My favorite song by They Might Be Giants is Spiraling Shape. In my opinion, it's the most profound of their works. While there are many things that are worth trying in life, there are some things that are not really worth it. My favorite song from the kids albums is Who Put The Alphabet In Alphabetical Order?

My favorite lyric (From Broke In Two - see the user boxes) isn't my favorite by meaning, it's the whole setup - the music, the rhythm, the subverted rhyme - that's all gold. I also have a very soft spot for "She's in love / with her broken heart" from With The Dark.

My favorite John is Linnell - his songs often end up my favorites. This was oddly switched around on Join Us as I thought the best songs on the album were Old Pine Box and Celebration - both sung by Flansy.

With my own two ears![edit]

Here's a list of songs that I have heard live.

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My stuff[edit]

The collection below I don't own all of any more. I'm not a collector - I'm a scattered, cluttered person. Things get worn out (like my long-overplayed-and-gone Flood cassette tape). I don't save for posterity. The below is things I have owned at one time or another, but don't expect me to produce them out of my rear end on command.

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