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Attending college in Santa Fe with numerous TMBG fans and a dearth TMBG concerts. Taught myself to play accordion with chords from They Might Be Giants websites, taught myself to dance with moves from They Might Be Giants videos. Poor at both.
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Favorite Song to Play: James K. Polk

Messages to Tisher[edit]

Welcome to the wiki, Tish! Thanks for the tab. This site is whatever you want it to be. Wiki on! --SR
Tish, I totally agree with you concerning the lyrics to Boat Of Car. I surfed around myself when I ran across this thread, and although many lyrics sources show "Daddy sang bass" throughout, there are also several which change to "Daddy'll sing bass" in the last stanza. Just the existence of such discrepancies supports your thesis, because mistakes tend to homogenize, not differentiate. Plus, the change in tense makes complete sense thematically, like you said, so I'm sure Johnny Cash would have wanted it that way, even if it hadn't recorded it that way, which he did. But all that aside, when I listen to the dang TMBG song, "Daddy'll sing bass" is WHAT I HEAR, and that's all the proof one really needs. --Flux

-I definitely hear "Daddy'll sing bass" also. --User:BlarJotunn

Hey, any suggestions on where to get a second-hand accordion? I've been looking for one for about 3 months now to no avail (then again, I found in my search that the chromatic button accordion isn't exactly in high demand in the US). Ideas? User:Eraelan