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This page deals with venue songs as a category/genre.
For the DVD/CD set, see Venue Songs.

TMBG started the practice of composing songs about each venue they performed in during the Spine On The Hiway Tour in 2004, coinciding with the launch of the TMBG Download Store and the ability to download (almost) every live performance by the band on that tour. Following the conclusion of the tour, most of these songs were released as part of the Venue Songs album, though many of the versions found on that album were drawn from soundcheck performances, and variant versions (such as "Toad's Place (C+)") were not included. For some reason, the "Irving Plaza" and "Avalon" songs were also excluded from the final album. It also appears that there was no venue song from the Nashville show (Friday, July 23, 2004), or the Manchester, UK show.

Deranged Millionaire interludes[edit]

Also included on the DVD are a number of introductions, done by John Hodgman playing the "Deranged Millionaire" character, for each venue song. These segments were directed by David Ahuja.

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