Album Raises New And Troubling Questions

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Album Raises New and Troubling Questions
Collection by They Might Be Giants
First released October 28, 2011
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Tracks 20 (audio), 5 (video)
Label Idlewild Length 40:54 (audio), 13:10 (video)
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Album Raises New and Troubling Questions is a compilation released October 28, 2011 through Idlewild Recordings. It includes some songs that were originally written for Join Us and other rarities.[1] The album was released digitally on, iTunes, and Amazon, and a special limited run of CDs is available from the merch store. Downloads from also included five new music videos. The digital and physical releases feature artwork by Paul Sahre.


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Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 O We 0:48


2 Authenticity Trip 2:22


3 You Probably Get That A Lot (Elegant Too Remix) 3:03


4 Marty Beller Mask 2:00


5 Now I Know 1:35


6 How Now Dark Cloud? 2:07


7 The Fellowship Of Hell 2:10


8 Mountain Flowers 1:11


9 Doom Doom 1:12


10 Money For Dope 2:39


11 Read A Book 1:04


12 Havalina 2:37


13 Tubthumping 3:22


14 Electronic Istanbul (Not Constantinople) 2:49


15 Cloisonné (Live In-Studio) 2:47


16 200 Sbemails (For Homestar Runner) 0:42


17 Boat Of Car (Other Thing) 1:14


18 Mr. Me (Other Thing) 2:00


19 Dirt Bike (Other Thing) 3:07


20 Particle Man (Other Thing) 2:07



Bonus videos (included with downloads)[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 You Probably Get That A Lot (Live In-Studio) 2:50


2 Can't Keep Johnny Down (Official video) 2:22


3 Can't Keep Johnny Down (Bees Knees fan video) 2:22


4 Spoiler Alert 2:39


5 Cloisonné (Live In-Studio) 2:47



  • The album title alludes to a story told by Malcolm Gladwell in 2005[2] in the The Moth's storytelling series in New York and later broadcast on This American Life ("Tough Room," Feb. 8, 2008). Gladwell recounted that when he worked as reporter at the Washington Post, he and a fellow reporter held a contest to see who could most often insert the phrase "raises new and troubling questions" into their Post stories over the course of a month. Gladwell later admitted that the story was a "tall tale."[3]
  • "Idlewild" is misspelled "Idelwild" on the spine of the CD case.
  • At a concert in 2016, Flansburgh described the album as "Beloved by the front row! Ignored by everyone else, including the band."
  • John Flansburgh on Twitter, regarding the songs recording process:[4] [5]
Most were actually quite unfinished even as we were wrapping up. We went back at the beginning of the month and did a series of clean ups. Some things were tracked brand new--Authenticity Trip, How Now....