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Songs mentioning insanity. We have all kinds, from depression to OCD to paranoia. A veritable garden of madness.

Central theme[edit]

Briefly mentioned[edit]

  • Canajoharie - "It was right through those trees / I'm not insane"
  • Climbing The Walls - Depression - "The deep end, the deep end / People talk a lot, but they don't know / They pretend, they pretend / They don't really know how deep it goes"
  • Everything Right Is Wrong Again - "And now the song is over now, and now..." - mythomania, Parkinson's Disease[1]
  • The Fellowship Of Hell - "All your friends are kleptomaniacs"
  • Flo Wheeler - "Your driving is driving everybody insane."
  • I'm Not A Loser - You're not delirious with despair", "You're not hallucinating this sea anemone chorus line at all"
  • Rocket Ship - "The thing that you'll see will make you go insane"
  • Old Pine Box - "Your mom thinks you're out of your mind"
  • Sold My Mind To The Kremlin - "Reagan closed the hospitals for the mentally ill / Train stations filled up with the mentally ill"
  • Spiralling Shape - "The spiralling shape will make you go insane"
  • Tesla - "Maybe that knowledge would drive one insane"
  • Unpronounceable - "Looking at / A depression on the sofa / And over time it flattens out / But I am still depressed"
  • When Will You Die - "You're insane / You are bad / You wreck everything you touch / And you're a sociopath"