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John Linnell performing accordion at the venue. (Photo by Dave Idmarx)

Fan Recaps and Comments:


I remember very little about this show, as the secondhand pot smoke got my boyfriend really stoned and he ended up going on a very paranoid trip that kind of distracted me from the music, but I do recall that we and a bunch of friends got up super super early in the morning to get there before the crowds. We could have had front row seats (there were several rows of plastic folding chairs set up) but opted to be in the open space directly in front of the stage... which turned out to be the mosh pit. Oops! It seems so incongruous that people were moshing to TMBG, but I guess it was just a 90s thing: every show had to have a mosh pit no matter who was playing.
The band had a pretty raw sound and at the time I didn't know much of their work other than Flood, so between that and getting crushed by the moshers I wasn't actually all that impressed. The next time I saw them in concert, nine years later, I remember thinking, "Wow, they've improved a lot!" I do remember everyone rocking out pretty hard to Why Does The Sun Shine?, though.
Oh, and we all made fun of Pere Ubu for months. They were awful.


I took a few photos at the show. Most came out pretty crappy. Here's a decent one.


P.S. The version of "Why Does The Sun Shine" was most definitely NOT rockin'! It was the CD-5 arrangement of the song.