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December 2004[edit]

December 23, 2004
The Disney Channel will be playing videos from the Here Come The ABCs DVD starting in January! Animation Insider has the details.
December 23, 2004
Just in time for the holidays, Greg Benson has provided us with a good quality copy of the Olive The Other Reindeer theme. Visit the TMBW.Net MP3s page to download.
December 22, 2004
Please welcome ThisMightBeABot to our tmbw.net family! He's a bot that Brad has created to add navigation and keep the site categorized. His first job is to add navigation to the Bass Tabs. Please check it out, and if you notice any problems or misbehavior, send Brad and email.
December 20, 2004
Greg Benson has provided us with a higher-quality mp3 of Higglytown Heroes. Visit the TMBW.Net MP3s page to download.
December 18, 2004
A track listing for the upcoming Here Come The ABCs is available, based on a promotional CD. TMBG now has a song for every letter of the alphabet!
December 17, 2004
The site is now 100% categorized! -- Duke33
December 17, 2004
Another free MP3 from Venue Songs, Columbia (The Blue Note) is now available for download at TMBG's Free Tunes page
December 13, 2004
I have just noticed that They Might Be Giants was thanked in the Credits of World of Warcraft! (along with Homestarrunner.com). And here is the proof. -- User:Droffats
December 9, 2004
TMBG has just released Almanac, their 2004 live tour album, along with Venue Songs, which includes 31 of the venue songs performed during this year's tour at the TMBG Download Store (Visit). Venue Songs will be given out free with any purchase of $9.99 or more. Also, TMBG have released many of their previous albums, such as Lincoln and Miscellaneous T at their download store.
December 7, 2004
A clip of Istanbul (Not Constantinople) can be heard in VH1's "My Coolest Years: The Geeks" Click here to see VH1's show site. It's roughly in the middle of the show that talks about SATs and Education. It really had no relevance to the show except that in school they teach you that Istanbul is not Constantinople, anymore --Annie-Mae
December 6, 2004
The lyrics have finally been categorized, and we have a whopping 605 lyrics sheets for TMBG songs! Great job everyone who has contributed! -- Duke33

November 2004[edit]

November 28, 2004
An mp3 for True And Amazing, TMBG's new theme song for "Amazing Vacation Homes", has been uploaded to the TMBW.Net MP3s page. -- Duke33
November 27, 2004
Please welcome our newest admin, MooseBlaster!
November 23, 2004
Apparently TMBG did the theme song for Travel Channel's "Amazing Vacation Homes". I've not heard the song itself, but before the commercial breaks Flansburgh sings the words "true and amazing". The credits say the theme is by They Might Be Giants. Bonus cookies to anyone who can take down the lyrics. --Tgies
November 19, 2004
TMBG's Free Tunes page now features Doctor Worm / The Famous Polka (Live). Taken from a show in good ol' New York City, this rendition of Doctor Worm features Dan Levine on trombone and Mark Pender on trumpet. The rendition of The Famous Polka includes solos from Dan, Danny and Marty. So there. -- MooseBlaster
November 19, 2004
The full-length documentary about They Might Be Giants will be broadcast on the Sundance Channel this Saturday night - 9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific. It's the third film in their very fine AMPED music series (including the exceptional Tom Dowd doc. as well). After the Saturday premiere, "Gigantic" is scheduled to run four or five more times in November. - nbx909
November 11, 2004
Well, from the tags on the mp3 of Albany, the album of Venue Songs may be called "Venue Vidi Vici- Roughs" or just "Venue Vidi Vici". Also, from the tags, Albany is track 8 of the album, and apparently, the album consists of 32 venue songs.
November 11, 2004
TMBG.com's Free Tunes page now features the song Albany which hails from TMBG's new Venue Songs series, available soon at theymightbegiants.com. -- Sir_ZMan
November 09, 2004
John Lee Supertaster is featured on the cd For The Kids Too at www.musicforthekids.com -- Sir_ZMan

October 2004[edit]

October 21, 2004
Three preview clips for Here Come The ABCs are now available from DisneySound, at disney.go.com (Thanks, DG) -- Mongoose
October 18, 2004
An mp3 for Higglytown Heroes has been uploaded. Go to the TMBW.Net MP3s page to check it out. -- Duke33
October 15, 2004
We have added a little feature to the Favorite SongsLink Removed page, to allow you to write comments on the songs for which you are voting. Check it out! -- Duke33
October 13, 2004
Our homegrown Favorite SongsLink Removed page is back up and running (as far as we know)! You can either vote from the favorite songs page directly, or from any individual song's page. All votes are now tied to your userid, so you can even create a custom list to share your favorite songs, such as Duke33's FavoritesLink Removed. (Note: All votes you had cast previously are not tied to your userid, but you can vote again...sorry for the inconvenience.) -- Duke33
October 11, 2004
Attention all parents! TMBG's new theme song for the Disney show Higglytown Heroes can be heard on Playhouse Disney at 8am Eastern time every morning. -- Duke33
October 11, 2004
Happy They Day! *NOTE: If you have any pictures of the "THEY DAY" festivities please post them!
October 8, 2004
It's that time of year again... contribute to the TMBG Halloween Mix page. --SR
October 4, 2004
The Homestar Runner Experimental Film video is now on Winamp.com here.

September 2004[edit]

September 15,2004
A couple updates in theymightbegiants.com's News section! What's there: update on Here Come The ABCs; update on the Venue Songs album; TMBG are doing two more book/CD things (like Bed, Bed, Bed (Book)), which will be more "Edwardian" and for "really old kids"; the tmbg.com free mp3 page will get some new tunes soon; and a couple other things!
September 11, 2004
This wiki is converted from UseMod to MediaWiki. See What the heck? for details. What's left to do? See the To-Do list.
September 06, 2004
The number of Dial-A-Song is temporarily disconnected, according to the operator recording you now get when you dial 718-387-6962.
September 05, 2004
Listen for a clip of Snail Shell on "VH1 Goes Inside: The Surreal Life!" It's played early on in the introduction of the show.
September 04, 2004
TMBG will be releasing a new live CD this fall, compiled of songs from the current tour. (This should not be confused with the iTunes exclusive The Spine Hits The Road, although according to the latest newsletter, certain performances may appear in both projects.) Huzzahs, it seems, are in order.
September 03, 2004
The new kid's DVD shall henceforth be known as Here Come The ABCs! It will hopefully be out by Christmas, "but we don't know if it will make an Xmas release" (Flansburgh).
September 03, 2004
A couple music videos are up on theymightbegiants.com for "The Long Grift" and "I'm All You Can Think About." The links can be found here. If someone can get the Flash file for "I'm All You You Can Think About" to work, I would be obliged if they told me what will play it. (Looking at it in a hex editor, it's definitely something for Mac OS (it starts with a telltale "Joy!peffpwpc"). Perhaps it's an exectuable Flash Projector file for Mac OS? -Tgies)
September 03, 2004
Attention all wikians! We finally have a prototype song voting system in place. Please check out the Help Wanted page for instructions on how to help add voting buttons to song pages. It might be a time consuming process, but should be very cool. You can go hereLink Removed to view all votes. If you find a problem, please drop Duke33 a line.

August 2004[edit]

August 31, 2004
A new exclusive live album, The Spine Hits The Road, and also Tippecanoe And Tyler Too are available on iTunes today. -- Duke33 Get them from the new TMBG iTunes page, complete with sweet TMBG photo.
August 29, 2004
Deeply Felt Puppet Theater will appear on an upcoming Hedwig And The Angry Inch DVD, produced by Rainlake Productions. Here's a video montage of what to expect, which includes a couple short clips of our favorite trio of puppets. lofi hifi
August 28, 2004
Ten new September show dates on the East Coast in Shows
August 27, 2004
Three new MP3s on tmbg.com (Experimental Film live, Richard's On Richards soundcheck, and On The Drag), and Flansy says there will be a "Best-Of" album for this tour available as an iTunes exclusive "soon." Or just check your inboxes since it's all in the newest TMBG newsletter.
August 26, 2004
Per the latest TMBG Street Team newsletter, Prevenge will be the first official single from The Spine. No release date has been listed yet. -- Duke33
August 25, 2004
Behold! On Earth My Nina with a full band! mp3 Okay, it's just Thunderbird backwards.
August 24, 2004
Chadd Maythis has combined the 2 Au Contraire solos into one fun little clip for all to share. Let him know what you think.
August 16, 2004
Be sure to catch a repeat performance of TMBG's Conan appearance tonight on Comedy Central at 6:00pm EDT, or download the videos here: AVI, 50MB / MPEG-1, 34MB
August 13, 2004
TMBG did great on Conan early this morning/last night performing Experimental Film. Flansy went wild. Unfortunately, Conan was delayed an hour because of the Olympics opening ceremony.
August 12, 2004
OK, according to this, TMBG won't be appearing on Conan until tommorow. Sorry, guys. Tgies adds: See NBC's schedule (be sure to select your time zone). They will be performing "Experimental Film". Interestingly, August 13th is also the day on which they appeared on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" in 2002. If you only want to see TMBG (for any reason other than that you don't want to see Conan), they should be on in the last ten or fifteen minutes of the show.
August 4, 2004
Set your Tivos! They Might Be Giants will be appearing on "Late Night with Conan O' Brien" on August 12th/13th (Thurday night/Friday morning)

July 2004[edit]

July 28, 2004
2 more free MP3s are up: John Lee Supertaster (from the Blue Note) and Houston-Meridian Theme (probably from Houston, TX). As Abe Lincoln would have said, "Fweeee!" - Tgies The shows are marked as being from the Blue Note show but are actually from a show in Houston, TX. Well, at least the first one probably is. The second includes the addition "ladies and gentleman of the Blue Note". - Random
July 27, 2004
Attention "Song Interpretation" and "Bass/Guitar Tabs" enthusiasts! Please read the Discussion for a proposal on integrating these pages into the Song List -- Duke33
July 23, 2004
More August show dates announced! These dates not available from websites they aren't available from! See Shows. - Tgies
July 23, 2004
The Spine now up at iTunes. Bonus track: Renew My Subscription
July 23, 2004
UK Dates announced for September! See Shows on the wiki or here! - Chuckie Mustdie
July 23, 2004
Vote for Experimental Film to be played on Australian Radio - Triple J Net50, listed under E. - Fossilise Apostle
July 16, 2004
Live shows are now up at theymightbedownloads.com! $10 a concert. A copy of the set list made into a CD case liner is included. (EDIT: New Shows recently added!)
July 16, 2004
Three live free MP3s up now, including The Blue Note.
July 16, 2004
Catch a brief bit of "Birdhouse in Your Soul" on VH1's "I Love the 90's". It's played in the background of the episode for 1990 during the segment about "Dances with Wolves." (It spanned parts about the love story in the film, as well as Kato Kaelin mentioning something about living with the Native Americans in the movie; a little graphic of his face pops up on several teepees as you hear Linnell singing the title line.) -- LostRamblin
July 16, 2004
Au Contraire on The Spine apparently has an error on it where the flute solo from IO comes in right at the end of the new guitar solo. Whats not clear is if every disc is affected. Some promo copies have only the guitar solo and none of the flute. So please post a comment here if your copy has this error or not. I want to try and get the disc recalled if all discs have this error. If it's only some pressings we can get Rounder to replace those who are affected.
July 13, 2004
The Spine hits store shelves! You can also download it and it's companion EP, The Spine Surfs Alone from the TMBG Download Store. Also, homestarrunner.com has posted their video for Experimental Film! Check it out! -- Duke33
July 12, 2004
Not only has The Spine and The Spine Surfs Alone been released a day early on TMBG's Download Site (new samples!), but The Bros. Chaps' video (fixed link) for Experimental Film is also up for your viewing pleasure! Check them totally out!
July 02, 2004
The Spine on the Hiway Tour begins! (Flans: "We'll come to your town; all we need is five comfortable beds!" Linnell: "But we have eleven people, so I guess we also need six uncomfortable beds.")
July 02, 2004
The Bloodmobile is now available for download at tmbg.com
July 02, 2004
The TMBG Download Store is up and running at www.theymightbegiants.com, featuring a new web-exclusive song, Love Is Eternity! -- Duke33
July 02, 2004
This Might Be A Wiki is the featured site at TMBGnet.com, so it's only right to bring attention to the fact that TMBGnet is one of the key websites in the online TMBG community, usually the first to receive new TMBG-related info, and one of the greatest TMBG fansites out there in general. Definitely worth a visit! -- Stiddy
July 01, 2004
New songs from The Spine Surfs Alone added to the Song List. Also, the TMBG Download Store opens for business tomorrow! -- Duke33

June 2004[edit]

June 29, 2004
We've created a page for Archived Radio Appearances, where you can listen to old TMBG radio appearances online. -- Duke33
June 27, 2004
All lyrics for The Spine are now fully updated and fully accurate (taken straight from the insert of The Spine).
June 21,2004
Bryce has uploaded a copy of L M N O from Dial-A-Song. It can be found on the TMBW.Net MP3s page. Thanks Bryce!
June 17, 2004
Be a member of the brand spankin' new TMBG Street team!!! --Nathew
June 15, 2004
2643 total pages. 1812 by the comma count. Wow. --SR
June 15, 2004
R.I.P. Robert Quine, guest guitarist on John Henry. -- Octofish
June 12, 2004
Today is John Linnell's 45th birthday! -- FrankEinstein
June 10, 2004
Steven Shilling has uploaded three mp3's from the Puppet Jam Sessions with Homestar Runner. Good job, eh Steven! -- Duke33
June 07, 2004
We've added a list of initiatives we are working on, here at tmbw.net. If you would like to help, please check out the Help Wanted page. -- Duke33
June 07, 2004
New Puppet Jam sessions with Homestar Runner called Celebrities and Vitamins. Click on "Puppet Jam 3" at homestarrunner.com
June 02, 2004
Only a year or so after being relaunched, theymightbegiants.com is getting a new look! Keep your eyes open for more!

May 2004[edit]

May 31, 2004
New promo photos, tour dates, and audio samples on tmbgnet.com.
May 31, 2004
New Puppet Jam session with Homestar Runner called Tropical Lazor Beams. Click on "Puppet Jam 2" at h*r.com
May 30, 2004
New TMBW.Net MP3s from Dial-A-Song. --Nathew
May 30, 2004
A syndicated account for tmbw.net has been added to livejournal.com with the user name 'TMBW'.
May 30, 2004
Get TMBG albums reviewed by Mark Prindle! See here for more information
May 29, 2004
This site is now RSS friendly. See what's new at the wiki without having to visit the site. --SR
May 24, 2004
The cover art for The Spine is now viewable on tmbgnet.com. -- Trapezoid
May 24, 2004
We've updated the navigation and style of tmbw.net. If you have any comments or issues, please let us know. -- duke
May 24, 2004
See the Johns jam with Homestar Runner on today's update on the Homestar mainpage. Click on "Puppet Jam."
May 23, 2004
Use this Tracking page for reporting move-related problems like broken links, images, etc., associted with the server move. --SR
May 22, 2004
tmbg.com has finally had an update in the news section.
May 21, 2004
Mink Car, Severe Tire Damage, and Lincoln have been posted on iTunes.
May 8, 2004
The Spine review from the UK. SPOILERS INCLUDED!
May 5, 2004
TMBW.Net mentioned in the latest E-Mail Newsletter (In broken link form, adds Nathew)! "Check out the fascinating They Might Be Wiki, where they have archived this John and John interview." Talk about it on the 5/05 newsletter Discussion page.

April 2004[edit]

April 30, 2004
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...DIAL-A-SONG IS BACK! New album tracks featured.
April 30, 2004
Complete track listing for The Spine now up at tmbgnet.com
April 30, 2004
You can now watch TMBG's video for Clap Your Hands recorded for Nick Jr.'s BlueStock 2004.
April 27, 2004
Indestructible Object has been posted on iTunes.
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