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TMBG Clock Radio playing Mrs. Train, after pressing the FDR button

TMBG Clock Radio was a Flash-powered application, released on in 2003, that streamed MP3s from, usually stereo and 192kbps or 128kbps bitrate (unlike the 32kbps MP3s used on the old The application was designed to look like a retro clock radio.

Among several dozen unreleased tracks and a selection of songs from TMBG Unlimited, Clock Radio also included the full releases Severe Tire Damage, Holidayland, No!, They Got Lost, People Are Wrong!, The Spine, The Spine Surfs Alone, and Here Come The ABCs.

The Clock Radio featured three "bands":

  • AM Band - featuring studio tracks that "you can't find anywhere else, plus some stuff that you can find in places, if you investigate."
  • FM Band - featuring live and other special tracks
  • EBS Band - featuring special news releases and other special tracks.

Some of the songs had glitches when played. For example, "C Is For Conifers" was slowed down to a quarter of the speed of the original. These glitches were never corrected.

The Clock Radio was officially shut down as of April 17th, 2013. The 2015 redesign of hinted that the clock radio would return, though the year ended without any change or update.[1]

Featured Songs[edit]