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A list of official They Might Be Giants music videos:

Video sets[edit]

Direct From Brooklyn (1999)[edit]

Here Come The ABCs (2005)[edit]

Venue Songs (2005)[edit]

Here Come The 123s (2008)[edit]

Here Comes Science (2009)[edit]

Them Ain't Big Eye Ants (2012)[edit]

Dial-A-Song (2015)[edit]

Dial-A-Song (2018)[edit]

Misc. filmed music videos[edit] QuickCam (1996-2001)[edit]

Brave New World (1999)[edit]

Malcolm In The Middle (2000)[edit]

Homestar Runner Puppet Jams (2004)[edit]

Television commercials (2001 - 2008)[edit]

See also: Songs Used In Commercials

Dr. Pepper (2001)[edit]

PBS (2003)[edit]

Play-Doh (2003-05)[edit]

Dunkin' Donuts (2006-08)[edit]


Misc. animated music videos[edit]

Television cartoons (1991 - 2004)[edit]

Tiny Toon Adventures (1991)[edit]

KaBlam (1999)[edit]

Cartoon Network (2002-03)[edit]

Home Movies (2004)[edit]

Higglytown Heroes (2004)[edit]

No! enhanced CD (2002)[edit] ECards (2002)[edit]

YouTube exclusives[edit]


Television performances[edit]

See Television Appearances for a full list of performances and appearances, along with viewable and downloadable videos.

VHS/DVD Releases[edit]



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